My favorite Beauty Box Subscriptions… 

My very first beauty box subscription was to Ipsy Glam bag. It is a $10 monthly subscription. You will receive a designer Glam bag with 5 samples, deluxe samples or full size beauty item. It will be mailed to you in a pink bubble wrap mailer. You will fill out your beauty profile and do your monthly product reviews and what you receive is supposed to be tailored to you. They also have a point or rewards for doing your reviews, so that you can get free items and they have giveaways . I’ve heard bag values from $40 to $60. Use this link if interested

My 2nd beauty box was Birchbox. All I’m going to say, is that we parted ways. 

My 3rd beauty box was Target. Target can have men/women and special occasions boxes, like the 12 days of Christmas, I absolutely loved that or just one a month.  They range from $5 to $10 normally, some of the specialty boxes have been $24. Go to my and type in Target beauty box and they will email you, whenever it’s on sale. 

My 4th beauty box was the Walmart Classic (over 35) and Trendy (under 35). It has an excellent value most of the time. You can only receive these boxes quarterly or seasonal. This box is free; however shipping is $5. Go to to sign up. 

My 5th box is the Boxycharm. I receive 5 full size products monthly. It’s value is always over $100. They started a Beauty quiz on theirs now, you get charms for doing your reviews and they have giveaways. Prices are $21 monthly, $19.66 a piece for 3 months, 19.33 a piece for 6 months and $19.25 a piece for 1 year. Leave me a comment with your email and I will send you a link if you’re interested. 

My 6th beauty box is BeautyCon. It is seasonal or quarterly and has a value over $160, but cost $36. “They highlight different beauty influencer curators” use coupon MSAbeautycon10 for 10% off

My 7th beauty box is from the called BeautyFix. This is another favorite. It’s always over $100 value and cost $24.95 monthly. It’s curated by skin experts. I mostly get skin and hair products, but I do get all kinds of beauty products with this one. It’s mostly full size and deluxe sample. 

My 8th beauty box is the lip monthly. It comes in a Glam bag and a gold mailer like Ipsy. I get 3 lip items and a misc. beauty item. The first bag is $5 use promo code LIPLOVER and after that it’s $12.95 monthly. At the first of the month you get to pick one or two of your lip colors and they have a giveaway. If you’re interested click this link

My 9th beauty box is SephoraPlay. I get 5 samples and a sample of perfume. It’s okay!? I’m still trying to figure out if I like this subscription because the samples are just to small. $10 monthly rate. 

My last beauty box is Allure. It’s $15 monthly for deluxe samples, curated by Allure editors. With your first purchase you get $5 off and receive a $35 eye palette by douccexAllure Smokey Eye. You can purchase this through Allure Beauty Box site. 

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My Beauty Box Addiction saved my life! 

My life has always been a roller coaster of ups and downs! When bad things happened, I would just throw it up on a shelf and not deal with it. I finally got into a healthy relationship with my second husband, but life said…No! You’re Not going to be happy!

I found out that I had a chronic heart/lung illness, my son was taken by his dad (from my first marriage), my dad died and I was held up at gun point. So, my shelf fell down and I attempted to cope with everything from my past until the present. But, I couldn’t cope with it,  mainly because I wasn’t being allowed to see my son. FYI It’s a long story, but it had nothing to do with me or our household.

Because of this, I layed in bed for over five years wanting to die! I had severe clinical depression that led to not having an appetite and not eating, not grooming like I should and just not moving. I slept around sixteen hours a day and was awake for approximately eight hours. I couldn’t walk well, take a bath or do general things. I also, had no interest, except for watching TV. My husband was very concerned about me and everything was put on him. Taking care of the kids, cleaning, shopping, cooking, trying to take care of me and more. Our lives fell apart, but we didn’t!

He had bought me many things to try to help me to get motivated, but it didn’t work. My son finally came back home to live at age eighteen, but I was still depressed. My husband ordered me a monthly Ipsy glam bag and Birchbox. 

My 1st Ipsy Glam Bag

I got my first Ipsy bag and Birchbox and I absolutely loved it because it felt like Christmas presents. I actually looked forward to getting these presents. I also had lost a lot of weight and started looking better and started putting on my new makeup.

I slowly re-taught myself how to walk and got put on some medicine that helped with my depression and I got interested in social media and beauty boxes.

This is a before picture and let me just say that this was a Great picture of me! Because I really didn’t look this good at all.

This is an after picture and you can tell that I am just full of myself! Lol

I just want to say thank you to God, my husband and children for being patient with me during this terrible time! And thanks dear for getting me into my monthly presents that put a smile on my face!



Your never alone on a deserted island with Too Faced! 

Today, I thought it would be fun to pretend that I was on a deserted island and all I had was the Too Faced Cosmetics that I owned. And from that, I decided to do a look. Let me explain to you what we have to work with…

1. Too faced, Bite-sized Beauties that I got for 500 Sephora points that includes Deluxe Chocolate Bar Palette (3 eyeshadows and a med/dark bronzer), Deluxe Better Than Sex Mascara, Deluxe Shadow Insurance and Deluxe Melted Chocolate Honey Lipstick.

2. Too faced, Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss for 100 Sephora points.

3.Too faced, Ultimate Neautral Eyeshadow Collection palette and free sample Milk Chocolate SOLEIL in light/med for $50 on sale.

4. I allowed myself 3 brushes, I chose 2 eye brushes and a big fluffy facial brush.

Let me tell you how I got around not having an eyeliner, no foundation, no blush and no brow darkerner.

To get myself in the mood I had washed my hair with the Marc Anthony’s Shampoo and Conditioner the night before that has Coconut milk in it and that morning I squirted, Not my Mother’s Sea salt spray and let my curls dry naturally for that beachy wave and smell!

I applied the Deluxe Shadow Insurance all over my face as a primer.

I started with my eyes and used Poodle (frosted pink) on the base, Honeymoon ( frosted med peach) on the crease and Hot & Bothered (frosted orangy-brown) on the outer edge of the crease. I used my eyebrush and filled it with Stiletto (matte black) and used it as an eyeliner. I used Fairy Tale (frosted gold) on the inner corner and brow bone.

Since my free SOLEIL was a light/med I covered my whole face with it, like a powder foundation. It made my complexion very even, next I used the darker bronzer and contoured my face. I used my fingers to gently even it out. I also re-used Poodle (frosted pink) as a highlighter. I tried a couple of different pinks from the neutral collection as a blush; however because they were frosted it looked like highlight and didn’t look right. So, I used a matte called Makeup & Chili (reddish-brown) and that seemed to work out for me.

I applied the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara to my lashes, uppers and lowers. I used it long enough to make my lashes look thick and to try and dry the wand out by not redipping it. I then used it on my brows without issue.

I applied the Too Faced Deluxe Melted Chocolate Honey lipstick and then applied the Creamy Peach over it. Overall I think I did pretty good! I like the after pictures. Have you ever had to finagle your stuff to make something work. Tell us some of your tricks in the comments below.



Coping with divorce at age 3 and up

Coping with divorce age 3 and up

I absolutely loved my father and I actually put him up on a pedestal for decades. I honestly have few memories of my father as a toddler. I actually considered myself to be a daddy’s girl.I remember sitting on his lap and feeling loved by him. When my mom and dad divorced, the only thing different was my dad was gone! I didn’t know why he was “gone” all of a sudden, but he was gone. I was never told about divorce and what that meant.I thought that I had done​ something wrong for him to leave and I blamed myself for his absence. I don’t know why my mom didn’t explain this to me at the time because I know that when I did get into trouble that I would cry for my daddy and I was a depressed child.

A little girl’s heartache!

He never visited or called. From a 3 year olds perspective I was very confused. When my mom dragged us to one place or another I was constantly looking for my dad. This did not stop as I aged. I think it got even worse after our first Christmas without dad. Let me explain. I was already very excited about Christmas just because my mom always made Christmas seem so magical and real, Yes I’m talking about “Santa Claus”! My mom said that she heard a knock on the door. So, our attention went to her and the door. She opened up the door and outside was a large bag of presents from my dad! I was so excited, Ohh my goodness, he hasn’t forgot about me! He still loves me! Ohhh I can’t believe how happy I am! Tears are rolling down my face now because years later my mom admitted to putting those presents out there for us…

This happened many, many a Christmas. My mom always talked bad about my dad too and that just made things worse. Mom why can’t I see my dad? I honestly can’t remember her answer, but I believed​ that she wasn’t letting him see us. Maybe I was a bad kid and deserved this. I think this is when I developed a bad attitude. 

My dad got into religion! Now, all of a sudden I was seeing my dad every other weekend. When I hugged him, it was like time had never passed. I was in grade school. I had really grown up alot. My dad had remarried and had another child. Over some time I felt like a step-child. It was obvious that I didn’t fit in to his new family and that I was no longer daddy’s favorite little girl. I was hurt all over again. I always tried to make sure that I was loving and well behaved. I also was funny and could always manage to make my dad laugh by acting goofy.

My dad as a boy.

Did you think this was going to last? Hahaha you were so wrong Holly! Of course, it didn’t last. Now, it became a money issue. You have to pay child support to see your kids. Well he would rather not see us than to pay! Things have really changed since I was a kid. You have to pay regardless now. I was a teen and talked to my dad on the phone here and there. I definitely loved him, but for now this was how I could visit.

My dad as a man.

Let me just say this, my mom did it so wrong, but as a mom I can kinda understand. She has always communicated with me horribly and that continues to this day. Nobody is perfect and I hope you take something from reading this. Unfortunately my first marriage ended in divorce and I wasn’t perfect, but I tried to make sure that their lives didn’t change that much. And what was weird is that my oldest was my age, 3. 

My dad has passed away now, may he rest in peace.