My Beauty Box Addiction saved my life! 

My life has always been a roller coaster of ups and downs! When bad things happened, I would just throw it up on a shelf and not deal with it. I finally got into a healthy relationship with my second husband, but life said…No! You’re Not going to be happy!

I found out that I had a chronic heart/lung illness, my son was taken by his dad (from my first marriage), my dad died and I was held up at gun point. So, my shelf fell down and I attempted to cope with everything from my past until the present. But, I couldn’t cope with it,  mainly because I wasn’t being allowed to see my son. FYI It’s a long story, but it had nothing to do with me or our household.

Because of this, I layed in bed for over five years wanting to die! I had severe clinical depression that led to not having an appetite and not eating, not grooming like I should and just not moving. I slept around sixteen hours a day and was awake for approximately eight hours. I couldn’t walk well, take a bath or do general things. I also, had no interest, except for watching TV. My husband was very concerned about me and everything was put on him. Taking care of the kids, cleaning, shopping, cooking, trying to take care of me and more. Our lives fell apart, but we didn’t!

He had bought me many things to try to help me to get motivated, but it didn’t work. My son finally came back home to live at age eighteen, but I was still depressed. My husband ordered me a monthly Ipsy glam bag and Birchbox. 

My 1st Ipsy Glam Bag

I got my first Ipsy bag and Birchbox and I absolutely loved it because it felt like Christmas presents. I actually looked forward to getting these presents. I also had lost a lot of weight and started looking better and started putting on my new makeup.

I slowly re-taught myself how to walk and got put on some medicine that helped with my depression and I got interested in social media and beauty boxes.

This is a before picture and let me just say that this was a Great picture of me! Because I really didn’t look this good at all.

This is an after picture and you can tell that I am just full of myself! Lol

I just want to say thank you to God, my husband and children for being patient with me during this terrible time! And thanks dear for getting me into my monthly presents that put a smile on my face!